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multifunctional facilities for special people

Website for colectivA cultural association that produces, among others, festival TEMPS D'IMAGES in Romania. Logo by Alec.

Status: under development

My role: website design, information architecture, XHTML/CSS, wordpress integration

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Malteser youth center

multifunctional facilities for special people

Website for malteser multifunctional center (final name still pending) that will serve as a center for all the donations regarding this facility. All the stages of the project construction will be available together with information on how each big donation was spent.

Status: under development

My role: website design, information architecture, XHTML/CSS, wordpress integration

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vintage clothes

Identity (logo by Alec) and website development for old but still fashionable items. users will be able to select from six diffrent categories of clothes and make an purchase.

Status: under development

My role: website design, information architecture, XHTML/CSS.


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Galleria Quadro

art gallery in Transylvania

New face for Quadro Gallery which sells and deals art mostly from Transylvania area. They wanted a more modern look, better user experience and the possibility to administrate their own content. A custom WordPress template was made, with a lot of specific features like managing auctions, regular exhibitions, artworks currently on sale, newsletter management and many more.

My role: visual design, information architecture, building the wordpress theme, XHTML/CSS.

Link: www.galeriaquadro.ro

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web 2.0 internet service

A web 2.0 event manager and social networking web application. I served as a UI/UX consultant then as a client-side developer mainly turning layouts into functional XHTML/css with huge emphasis on cross-browser issues and speed optimization.

Status: private beta invitation only - ongoing work

My role: interface design, user experience, prototyping, XHTML/CSS

  • gravity screenshot


Gravity Asset Manager

media asset management system

User interface for web version of a larger video application that sorts and labels video content from multiples suppliers.

Status: private

My role: user interface design, XHTML/CSS, Javascript

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independent Faeroese business consulting

Identity creation (created with Alec Bartos), website development and design for a Faroese business contractor. Custom theme made for Wordpress to allow client to update his own site content.

My role:website design, wordpress theme development, XHTML/CSS.

Link: www.damco.fo

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Photoland images

image stock agency | Corbis representative

Website design and development for a company that sells stock images from one of the world's biggest image banks. I worked with them since 2003, developing five versions of the site. Version 3 from 2006 was featured in many css galleries (e.g. CSS Mania,CSS Elite). I am in charge of all their online presence from running the website to newsletters and banners. Previous versions were custom made applications which contained more that 1 million images from diffrent image suppliers searchable by keywords, user management and image orders.

My role: website design, client-side development (XHTML/CSS, Jsp, Ajax, Javascript)

Link: www.photolandimages.ro

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organic products

Several websites developed for Biosens which distributes organic foods and drinks on Romanian market. Designed and developed custom wordpress themes for two of the major brands they represent Biotta and Tautropfen and together with designer Alec Bartos we created their entire identity and online presence.

Link: www.biosens.ro

  • Gebsoft v2 screenshot

[gebsoft v2 and v3 screen shots]


software resources

I developed several versions of the company website I worked for during 2001-2008. One version was implemented using a inhouse CMS tool we developed, another version was set on Joomla.

My role: website design, CMS integration, XHTML/CSS.

Link: www.gebsoft.com [outdated version in use]

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online football manager game

Freekick is one of the most advanced online football simulator on the web. They needed a layout and a better user experienced and less loading times. I served as a user experience and visual designer consultant for a short period (4 month) time in which we changed from logo to icons and moved legacy code to tableless layout (pure css) and we improved overall look and feel of the site. I created the XHTML/Css code, icons and visual guides that were used throughout the site.

My role: user experience, web design, XHTML/CSS

Link: www.freekick.org [requires registration]

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consulting in mining exploitation area

Website design and development for a consulting company that specializes in exploitation of mining areas.

My role: web design, XHTML/Css.

Link: www.westkons.ro

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MD Projects

services and management in real estate sector

Together with Alec Bartos we created the entire identity for MD Project a company that was specialized in consultancy and project management of real estate projects. We mange everything from logo creation to online presence(website, newsletters) and several printed brochures.

My role: website design, Xhtml/Css, information architecture

Status: company was suspended due to real estate market fall in Romania

Site cache: view here

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online stock image provider

Based on the same platform as Photoland, 300dpi was aiming at low end image market selling Royalty Free images. Fully functional website with advanced image search, user management and image orders was created.

My role: visual design, website development and design, Xhtml/Css, Jsp, Ajax and javascript.

Status: project discontinued

  • gravity screenshot


UI/front end developing

while working for gebsoft

Several projects I was involved on while working for gebsoft. I served as client-side developer and user interface designer working with Java based technologies and using mostly Jsp and Javascript for front-end. From small web application to really complex solutions for Swedish swimming federation or faroese parliament I was making sure that interfaces and application functionality are meeting client's needs.

My role: user interface designer, XHTML/Css, Jsp, javascript.